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Digital gift cards proving extremely popular through COVID-19


The way we shop has changed dramatically since most of Australia (and the world) was forced into some sort of lockdown. Confined to our homes for most hours of the day saw the amount of time we spent online increase to levels not seen before. With restrictions imposed on traditional bricks-and-mortar shopping, many retailers had to ensure their online presence was just as strong as their physical presence.

A [recent report by We Are Social and Hootsuite found that in April 2020 alone, more than 200,000 Australians shopped online for the first time. In addition to this, online purchases were up 6.8% in April 2020. The Easter online sales proved even more popular than Cyber Monday in 2019.

Furthermore, ecommerce businesses saw a massive surge in gift card sales, according data accumulated by Riskified Blog. Throughout the pandemic, gift cards have been utilised by businesses to stay afloat. The humble gift card was, and still is, a way that consumers can support their favourite retailers and brands throughout these uncertain times. Beyond generating vital cash flow for businesses, gift cards encourage additional spending. A study in the US by eMarketer found that of the US-based online shoppers interviewed, 69% of them would likely spend more in a retailer if they had a gift card.

So popular have gift cards been this year that the same study found that on Mother's Day this year, people in the US spent more on gift cards than they did on flowers and spa days.

With restrictions on social interactions imposed on many Australians, the digital gift cards have become a popular non-contact option for gift-giving. Through eGift it, digital gift cards are sent instantly to the recipient's phone and email, and provide an easy solution for people who cannot celebrate special occasions together.

All gift cards in Australia, including digital gift cards, have a minimum 3 years expiry, which means there's no rush to go out and spend them. Plus with many brands and retailers offering online gift card redemption, they give recipients that added bit of choice and convenience.

Check out our range of digital gift cards from Australia's favourite brands and retailers.

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