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The ultimate gift of choice.

An eGift it Variety Card gives the lucky recipient the option to choose their favourite digital gift card from our wide range of brands and retailers. Take the worry out of which digital gift card to choose with an eGift it Variety digital gift card and let your giftee have the choice.

Simply select your preferred eGift it Variety digital gift card, choose the value of gift you wish to give, personalise the experience with your message, an e-greetings card, wrapping paper, music and animation and send it all digitally - either immediately or schedule for a future date.

How it works

Purchasing an eGift it Variety Card is as simple as selecting the eGift it Variety digital card of your choice, adding your personalisation and then sending it to the recipient.

The recipient can now choose whichever gift card they prefer to the same value. They get to select their gift of choice. To redeem an eGift it Variety gift card is as simple as clicking on the link in the email/SMS they receive and then choosing the brand/retailer gift card from a wide selection of brands and retailers.

The recipient can also redeem their eGift it Variety Card for a gift card of a higher value. They simply go through the normal purchase process and then add the eGift it Variety Card number to the coupon code field. They then only need to pay the remaining value difference.

Redemption Process

  1. Click the "Pick Your Digital Gift Card" button above.
  2. Select the digital gift card you'd like to swap your eGift it Variety Card for.
  3. The chosen gift card details will be displayed as well as be the pre-populated name and email details for the recipient.
  4. If you wish to change gift cards, then simply go back to the digital gift cards selection page.
  5. If you want to change the email details for the recipient you are also able to edit these fields.
  6. If you're happy with your choice of gift card, click the "Swap" button.
  7. Your digital gift card is then sent by email to the recipient email address in the email field.

Please note that once an eGift it Variety Card is exchanged/swapped for a digital gift card, this choice is final and cannot be exchanged or refunded. Please select carefully.

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