Fraud & Scammers

Fraud & Scammers

How is eGift it protecting you?

At eGift it your privacey and protection is of the highest priority to us. We have put in place the industries best practices in order to make sure you and the team here at eGift it are protected from the nefarious and fraudulent activities that are typically employed in the digital space.

For this reason we have employed the following practices:

3rd Party Independent Certified Gateway:

When it comes to dealing with peoples money and their credit card details, ‘eGift it’ takes this responsibility very seriously. For that reason we have deployed a 3rd Party gateway and acquirer to deal directly with your payment details. When entering these details you are doing so in a completely secure and independent portal. At no stage do we see any of these details, nor can we record or store them. So rest assured your payment details are always safe.

3DS 2 Authentication:

We apply this industry standard 3rd Party 2-factor authentication application to every transaction processed through eGift it. This is why you will be on occasion be asked for a code or method of authentication that is ratified by your financial institution, to complete your purchase. We do this to protect you in case your credit card details get stolen and if attempted to be used on our website the individual is challenged with a 2nd factor authentication requirement.

3rd Party and locally developed Fraud Filters:

eGift it also develops and employs some of the best global payment ecosystem technology to add a further level of protection to all transactions processed. This may mean very occossionaly getting caught in the security net, but we are sure you will agree that you would rather a vary rare small inconvenience rather than criminal activity using your credit card details.

What you should be aware of with Scammers

Today’s scammers are going to all lengths and different types of methods to fraud innocent people. We are aware that some of our customers are being contacted by scammers claiming to be from a government agency or a business, such as the ATO, Centrelink, Telstra or Microsoft, Netflix, or receiving emails claiming to be from someone they trust, such as their boss and urged to purchase gift cards from ‘eGift it’ to pay for items such as a tax debt/fine to avoid arrest, an outstanding bill for goods or services, for team rewards or just as a favour.

They are then instructed to provide the 16-digit code (from the back of the card) and once done the card is emptied and the customer has lost their money. Or they ask the customer to download an application to their phone or computer and then the scammer takes over the device to control where the gift cards are sent and how they are purchased.

Please be mindful of these types of requests and do not respond, no matter how convincing they sound, only a scammer will ask for gift cards as payment.

If you are concerned this scam information may be relevant to you, your purchase, please call someone you trust, your financial institution, the Police, or Australian Taxation Office on 1300 795 995 and register the fraudulent behaviour through Scamwatch on their website.

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