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e-gift it is changing the way you send gifts


The gift card industry in Australia is worth many billions of dollars, and it’s only getting larger every year.

We can see this with the choice of EFTPOS instead of cash, email instead of postal mail, and music streaming instead of CD's, just to name a few. In line with these trends, we are also starting to see consumers purchase digital gift cards instead of physical gift cards.

Consumers leave on average $77.70 in unspent credit on gift cards (, and in 2017, one in seven gift cards purchased in Australia went unused. A major reason for this is because physical gift cards are so easy to misplace, or even forget about. How many times have you found an unused gift card floating around your home? Digital gift cards purchased from e-gift it are sent directly to the recipient's phone or email and can be accessed at any time. By creating an e-gift it account or downloading the app, you can store all your digital gift cards in the one place. Never leave a gift card at home again. If you’ve got your phone, you’ve got all your digital gift cards ready to use at any time.

e-gift it also offers you the ability to send thoughtful, personalised digital gift cards to your love ones. Gone are the days of the impersonal gift. Add a personalised e-greeting card, wrapping and a funky tune to your gift and your loved one will receive a digital gift experience like no other.

As if the above wasn’t enough reason to make the switch to e-gift it, have you thought about just how much of an environmental impact physical gift cards have? Physical gift cards cause headaches for recycling programs as they generally contain materials that can contaminate other recyclables. Digital gift cards have hardly any environmental impact as there’s no plastic waste creation – it’s all online!

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to digital now and change the way you gift with e-gift it.

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