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Get up to $70 Bonus in State of Survival


Not played State of Survival yet? State of Survival is a mobile strategy video game where Players join the game as survivors whose goal is to develop and protect their settlement, rescue other survivors, train their troops and better understand the disease ravaging the world. By recruiting heroes and forging alliances, Players battle zombies and other survivors to rebuild civilization.

For a limited time only from 1 April to 30 June 2022 you can get an in-game for bonus State of Survival valued up to $70 when you buy a Google Play gift code!

When you buy a Google Play Gift Code from $30 up to $49 you will receive a “Super Blessing Star Bundle VII” valued at $40 which includes: • 15,000 x Biocaps • 360 x 5m Speedup • 30 x 1h Speedup • 10 x Epic Hero Badge • 80 x 100 VIP Points • 10 x Epic Search Maps

Buy a Google Play Code for $50 and up and you will receive a “Super Blessing Star Bundle VII valued at $70 which includes: • 20,000 x Biocaps • 600 x 5m Speedup • 50 x 1h Speedup • 20 x Epic Hero Badge • 100 x 100 VIP Points • 12 x Epic Search Maps

When you redeem your Google Play gift code, the bonus reward will pop up automatically. Once the app starts, you will be able to see the bonus items in the game. See how to redeem the in-game State of Survival bonus.

In case the app is not installed in your device, you will need to install it to redeem the bonus. So why not download State of Survival from the Google Play Store [link], buy your Google Play gift code, get your bonuses and be part of one of the most popular strategy games (#1 in Australia!)

Don’t forget promotion closes 30 June 2022 and the bonus redemption closes 31 July 2022.

Will you be a survivor in State of Survival?

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