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eGift Cards are the most sustainable gift to give this Christmas


Did you know that Australians produce 540kg of household waste per person, each year?

That's more than 10kg per person every week!

Instead of buying a disposable physical Christmas gift card that is bound to end up in landfill, and contribute to CO2 via transport & delivery services, why not chose to give an environmentally friendly digital gift card which is 100% waste free?

Digital gift cards purchased from eGift it are sent digitally to the recipient via email and SMS. The gift card can then be saved on their phone to be used online or in-store depending on the gift cards terms and conditions.

Gift cards also remove the uncertainty of knowing exactly what to get someone, and better still they can choose what they really want with it! The ultimate of the gift cards is the eGift it Variety card as your recipient can choose ANY gift card of the same value on the eGift it website.

Gift sustainably with eGift it this Christmas. Switch to digital gift cards, cut down on unnecessary packaging and reduce waste. A simple way to be sustainable and still gift joy.

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