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Delivering Joy: Introducing our new festive eGift it digital gift cards for easy gifting!


Meet the New Fab Four

The holiday season is here, and with it comes the joy of giving and sharing the festive spirit. This Christmas, we're delighted to introduce four new digital swap cards for the festive season; there’s one to suit everyone! Our festive digital gift cards are a great way to spread cheer and a simple way to send joy in the world of gift-giving.

*Merry Christmas*

Embrace the classic charm of Christmas with this gorgeous card, adorned with traditional colours and a cute touch. It's perfect for those enjoy tradition and the warmth of the season, and especially for family and friends.

*Happy Holidays*

For a more inclusive touch, Happy Holidays captures the essence of the season without being specific to all types of celebrations. This versatile card is the best choice for diverse gatherings and well-wishing.

*Seasons Greetings*

Elegance meets simplicity with Seasons Greeting. This card boasts a sophisticated design that transcends specific holidays, making it ideal for extending good wishes throughout the winter season. This gift card would be a great choice for any business clients or acquaintance.


Celebrate with fun with this digital card that combines celebrations and Christmas. It's the perfect choice for those who love to revel in the festivities and make every moment memorable.

Coordinating eGreetings and eWrappings

To enhance your gifting experience, our festive eGift it digital cards have coordinating eGreetings and eWrappings. Choose your favourite festive card and personalise your message with festive eGreetings and eWrappings to create a wonderful gift giving experience.

The Magic of Digital Swap Cards

1. Exchange for Branded Digital Gift Cards: All our festive eGift it digital cards can be exchanged for a branded digital gift card of the same value. This means your recipient gets to choose their perfect gift from a wide range of retailers giving them the gift of choice.

2. Perfect for Last-Minute Gifts: Life gets busy, and sometimes, we find ourselves in need of a last-minute gift. With our festive digital cards, there's no need to panic. Simply choose a card, personalise it to make a unique gifting experience, and send it instantly, saving you from the stress of rushing to find a present or even worse not sending one!

3. No Worries About Postal Delays: Say goodbye to the uncertainties of postal services during the holiday rush. Our digital gift cards are delivered instantly or on the scheduled date to the recipient's inbox, eliminating any worries about delays, lost packages, or damaged goods. It's a hassle-free way to ensure your greetings and gifts reach your loved ones on time.

4. Schedule Your Gift with Ease: Take advantage of the convenience of scheduling your gift card delivery. With eGift it you can order your digital gift card and schedule it to arrive on the correct day. Whether it's a birthday surprise or a Christmas morning delight, you can time the date when your gift is received by your giftee.

This Christmas, make the art of gifting hassle-free, delightful, and memorable with our new digital swap cards. Spread the joy, exchange smiles, and create lasting memories with the gift of choice. After all, 'tis the season to unwrap joy!

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