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eGiftit gift cards. The present that gives the recipient ultimate choice.

eGiftit gift cards are designed to open up the options of choice by giving your recipient the opportunity to choose any of the branded gift cards they would like to shop with. Simply select the value of gift you wish to give, personalise the experience with wrapping paper, greeting card, music and animation and send it all digitally.

No matter what the occasion, you are giving the ultimate gift of choice.

How it works

Purchasing a eGiftit gift card is as simple as selecting the card, adding your personalisation and then sending it to the recipient.

The lucky person who recieves your gift, gets the one gift that is right every time. They get that gift of choice. To redeem their gift it is as simple as logging onto the eGift it web site. Picking the card they would like to have, selecting the ‘eGiftit’ redemption and then entering their code and email address they wish it sent to.

If you wish to redeem your eGiftit gift for a digital gift card of a higher value. You can simply process your choice of higher value in the normal checkout process and add the eGiftit card number to the coupon code field and you purchase will be credited to the value of the eGiftit gift card.

Redemption Process

  1. The lucky recipient recieves the wonderful digital gift you have sent via SMS and email.
  2. After experiencing the personalisation you have included they are shown their digital gift card present.
  3. They click on the link/button to change their eGift it Card for a branded digital gift card of choice.
  4. Your recipient picks their preferred digital gift card..
  5. They are shown all branded gift cards that match the equivalent value of your gift.
  6. On selecting the branded digital gift card of choice, the recipient will automatically be taken to details page.
  7. They confirm the auto populated details by pressing swap.
  8. The digital gift card is sent to their email address.
Expiry 3 years
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