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Celebrating achievements at the EOFY


It's that time of the year again - almost the end of the financial year - and we all know that the end of the financial year can get pretty hectic for businesses, with paperwork piling up and tasks galore. If you have surplus budget to spend and recognise the importance of investing in your team, then why not take this as an opportunity to wrap up the financial year on a high note by showing your employees appreciation for all their hard work and efforts throughout the year.

Digital gift cards are the perfect EOFY year choice for your rewards programs.

Digital gift cards are the perfect choice for gifting. Unlike physical gifts that require extensive time and resources, digital gift cards are convenient to send and can be easily personalised so saving valuable time and effort. A digital gift card removes the problems with sending gifts to your entire team, no matter where they may be and what they like.

Personalise your gifting

A digital gift card can be customised to suit every recipient and sender. By selecting your choice of gift card, e-greetings card, e-wrapping and adding an individual message, your gift can be personalised for each of your team members in line with your business branding.

Managing your gifts

By tracking your gift card delivery and usage in real-time using your personal dashboard, you can rest assured that everyone on your team has received their digital gift card regardless of where and when they work. Whether they're rocking it in the office, working remotely from home, or spread across different parts of the country, the gift card will pop up on everyone's devices at the same time.

Gift of Choice

Not only simple to send, a gift card is also guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face. It’s easy to treat everyone with the Thank You digital gift card knowing each team members has the freedom to choose a gift they really want … a relaxing spa treatment, a new outfit, a night out, a shopping spree and so much more.

Last Minute Gifting

Oops forgotten a gift … because digital gift cards are so easy to send, they make great last-minute gifts. You can organise your gift in a minute or two. Simply log into your dashboard, select, personalised and hit send.

Rewarding achievements and efforts

It's been proven that recognising achievements and rewarding your team increases staff morale and leads to higher productivity, better and fosters a positive work culture. Digital gift cards with their versatility, personalisation and convenience are the ideal solution to use in your rewards and recognition programs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make this EOFY special for your team by celebrating their hard work and dedication by sending a digital Gift of Thanks.

eGift it for Business makes gift giving easy!

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