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Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for the Gemini in your life?


Born between 21 May and 20 June, Geminis are known for their intellectual curiosity and sociable personalities. They are actually pretty easy to shop for because they’re just so curious about everything. They’re always trying out a new hobby, recipe, or going on an adventure. Appeal to their thirst for knowledge and all things new, and you’ll make them happy.

The Gemini Gift Guide

If you’re looking to impress a Gemini with a thoughtful gift, here’s our guide to finding a digital gift card that matches their numerous interests and lively personality.

Avid Readers

Geminis are always eager to dive into a new story so why not consider an isubscribe gift card from Australia's leading magazine subscription online store with over 2,000 different Australian and International titles. Or what about a Kobo gift card from the global leader in eReading with nearly 4 million of the best titles in books, magazines and comics. Gift them their next great read.

Gadgets and Tech

Tech-savvy and always on the go, Geminis love a good gadget. Anything from smartphone accessories to e-readers or a smart home device are perfect choices. Let them choose their favourite gadget with a gift card from JB Hi-Fi or The Good Guys.


With their love for exploration, Geminis often have a travel bug. Gifting a Kathmandu or Macpac gift voucher gives them the best choice in travel-friendly accessories. Or help them getaway on an adventure with a WildAwaits gift card from AATKings.


Give them hours of fun with a variety of games that keeps them occupied for hours. Consider gifting popular video games with a gift card from EB Games or for tech-savvy Geminis send a gift card for popular online games like Roblox or imvu for hours of entertainment.


Encourage their love of learning and hobbies with a gift card from Amazon or ebay; the simple way to cater to every one of Gemini’s diverse interests!

Fashion and Accessories

Knowing their love of unique clothing and statement jewellery, you can’t go wrong with an Iconic gift card with hundreds of designer options or a gift card from Michael Hill with its range of stunning jewellery.

Experience to Remember

Geminis thrive on having a busy social life so why not surprise them with a Ticketmaster gift card for a night out watching their favourite group or show. Or what about a Fan+ gift card for everlasting memories of a special sporting experience?

Choosing the Gemini gift

When choosing a gift for a Gemini, just think about items that stimulate their mind, cater to their social nature and offer choice. Whether it’s a new read, a fun gadget or a unique experience, your gift will be appreciated by the dynamic and intellectually curious Gemini in your life.

There's always going to be a memory made with a Gemini, and that's why they deserve something special for their birthday.

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